Benefits of Driving a Home Made Electric Car

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Benefits of Driving a Home Made Electric Car

Cut Gasoline Cost Forever with a DIY Electric Vehicle

Ever wonder how is it like driving a [tag-tec]home made electric car[/tag-tec]? Driving an EV is actually quite similar to driving a gasoline driven car. The only difference is the feeling that the car is heavier due to the additional weight of the batteries. But it is no difference that driving with 2 or 3 passengers in the car.

You have to remember, and electric motor can pack a lot of torque. An EV can go pretty fast if you were to floor the power pedal. If you are not careful, you can really crash your electric car into another vehicle. Just because you are not burning any fossil fuel doesn’t mean you can ignore the rules on the street. If you are wandering what’s the feeling like getting into an EV, check out the video below.

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