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Coda Automotive Pure Electric Car

Another Pure Electric Car Start Up Company?

If you are looking for electric car manufacturer, here’s another one, the Coda Automotive. To be honest, I have never heard of this company before up until recently. One thing is for sure, they are manufacturing their own version of pure electric car. I hope to see more of them in the news in the future.

In the mean time, what are other web sites writing about Coda Automotive? Here are a couple that I found.

Miles EV announces Coda Automotive full speed electric sedan

Miles EV announces that it will establish the new Coda Automotive brand for its full speed electric vehicles. The first product will be the Coda sedan. Coda plans direct sales of the $45000 four door battery powered car starting in the …

Start-up motor company, Coda Automotive unveils electric car for US

Pasadena, California ( –A start-up motor company based in Santa Monica, Calif., Coda Automotive, will reveal a new electric car on Thursday which it plans to begin selling in California in 2010, with plans to launch …

Coda Automotive presenting its electric vehicle, the EV Miles

A signature of Californian origin, called Coda Automotive, presented the first images of its fully electric sedan. In the development of Porsche Engineering and joined the Chinese manufacturer Tianjin Lisheen (for Lithium-Ion batteries) …

Heard of Coda Automotive?

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California., Coda Automotive is a manufacturer of all-electric, highway capable vehicles. For better or for worst, most of the blogging world has become very familiar with the Tesla and other EV companies …

Miles EV’s all-electric Coda Automotive defies Tesla’s dominance

Tesla’s Roadster costs you a gigantic $100000 and this is where Coda Automotive aims to strike on. Miles EV plans to unveil an all-electric sedan in the Californian market in 2010 to outclass others in the category. …

All-Electric Coda Automotive Sedan Launched (photos and video)

A California company Miles EV that is developing zero-emission, full electric vehicles, brand new all-electric car Coda Automotive. The Coda sedan will be assembled in China by Hafei under the direction of staff from Coda unknown …

Coda Automotive Unveils Mainstream All-Electric Sedan

Coda Automotive, formed and developed under the stewardship of entrepreneur Miles Rubin, announced that it will be introducing an affordable, full performance all-electric sedan to the mainstream California market in 2010.

Miles EV Launches The Anti-Tesla: Coda Automotive

Electric car startup Miles EV is launching a new electric brand called Coda Automotive. Miles EV sees the brand as a ‘coda’ to the industrial revolution which brought us the internal combustion engine. It’s time to move to an electric …

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