Electricity4Gas Review – Is Peter Milward Full of BS?

Part of what I do to add content to this DIY electric car conversion blog is to review e-books on the web related to [tag-tec]electric vehicle[/tag-tec] (EV) retrofitting.

One of the e-book that I came across is Electricity4Gas. The book was written by an environmental activist Peter Millward.

A quick search on Google for Peter Millward did not reveal any useful information. He may be a real person or he may not. Millward might be a promotional name added to the web site sales page.

Anyhow, what we want is the message not the messenger in Electricity 4 Gas.

Here are some of my Electricity4Gas review findings:

  • The information presented are quite detailed
  • There is some information on electric motor selection for a DIY project
  • Detailed pictures and diagrams
  • Comprehensive suggestion on the best types of batteries to use
  • Suggestion on where to find cheap parts…which is good for cost conscious retrofitters
  • Electricity 4 Gas.com also offers full online support

Electricity4Gas Product Guarantee

Overall, this electric car conversion guide is pretty good. Selling price is at $49.97 which is pretty competitive compared to other electric vehicle conversion guides in the market.

Any purchase of Electricity4Gas also comes with additional bonus e-books worth almost $110.00! Sweet!

Since Electricity 4 Gas is offered through Clickbank, you are covered by their 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. Meaning, if you bought the e-book and do not see any value in it, just ask for your money back. No question asked.

My guess is, most of the people that buy this e-book would not have the skill nor the resources to really convert an electric car themselves at home.

Nonetheless, it is good to have the knowledge.

When you are ready to send your internal combustion engine driven car to be retrofitted into an EV, at least you will know what are the parts and work required.

This is to safeguard you from being overcharged by the mechanic. It is always good to be prudent. If you are looking for ways to cut your car gasoline cost, start with getting some electric vehicle knowledge. Electricity4gas is a good e-book to add into your virtual library.

Click here to visit Electricity 4 Gas now!


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    I believe converting a car to electricity is a great idea. It’s important to take a variety of sources in order to come up with best practice techniques. I would do a little more research on the author before buying the book. Changing to an electric car is a great way to save money and help the environment at the same time. In order to save even more money, consider making your home more efficient and changing electricity suppliers. Everything we can do to lower our bills can help us survive during difficult times, plus everything we can do to lower our usage can help our planet survive as well.

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