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Electricity4Gas Electric Car Conversion Guide Revealed

If you are planning to convert a conventional gasoline driven car to run on electricity, check out the Electricity4Gas electric car conversion manual by Peter Millward. Many people like the idea of using a pure electric vehicle (EV) to commute but unfortunately, a new plug-in electric car from the manufacturers is still very expensive. A [...]

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Electricity4Gas Scam – Is Peter Millward a Scam?

One of the first electric car conversion e-book that I bought off the internet is Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas. That was back maybe a year ago. There are few other EV conversion guides on the web and Electricity 4 Gas is one of the top sellers. Even though it is selling well, many people still think [...]

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Electricity4gas Manual – Is This A Scam?

In this blog post, I am going to focus on Peter Millward's Electricity4gas Manual review. If you were to surf the web for information related to DIY electric car conversion, most probably you will come across the Electricity4gas guide. The main web site for the EV conversion manual can be seen at www.electricity4gas.com. Who Is [...]

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