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Electricity4gas Manual – Is This A Scam?

In this blog post, I am going to focus on Peter Millward’s Electricity4gas Manual review. If you were to surf the web for information related to DIY electric car conversion, most probably you will come across the Electricity4gas guide.

The main web site for the EV conversion manual can be seen at www.electricity4gas.com.

Who Is Peter Millward?

Peter Millward is the author of Electricity 4 Gas e-book. From the web site, he mentioned that he is an environmental activist. Meaning Peter has a philosophy and strong concerns for environmental conservation and improvement of the environment. One way of doing so is to reduce his carbon footprint by driving a pure electric car.

I wanted to know more about Peter. Unfortunately, a quick Google on his name did not reveal much information. Is he a real person or just a marketing spoke person? Honestly, I do not know. Many e-book publishers actually put a person to showcase their product as part of their marketing strategy. I am not too concern with that. What’s important is the information, not the packaging.

Electricty4gas Manual Content

What can you find inside Electricity4gas guide? Generally, the e-book was written for someone who has an interest to convert a gasoline driven car to electric. It shows you all the technical aspects of an EV conversion project.

The e-book was written primarily targeting the novice. The language is pretty easy to understand with lots of pictures and diagrams. For an experienced auto mechanic, he may not appreciate the simplicity of this manual.

Owning Your Own Electric Car

Electric car conversion is a simple but a tedious process. You have to know the internal workings of an automobile. You would also have to be good with hand tool and machinery.

The fact is, most people would not have the time nor the know how to convert a gasoline driven car to run on pure electricity. In this case, it would be a better idea to send your car to a professional workshop to be electric retrofitted.

Have you been to the workshop for a major repair on your car and not knowing what’s going to happen? It is quite a frightening experience. You will experience the same feeling with your EV conversion. You wouldn’t know the difference between a charge controller or a transmission adapter plate.

To be prudent, it is best for you to get some basic knowledge on the science behind an electric vehicle. With some information, at least you will understand what the mechanic is try to tell you about EV. To brush up on your EV skills, Peter Millward Electricity4gas manual will be very helpful.

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