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Electricity4Gas Electric Car Conversion Guide Revealed

If you are planning to convert a conventional gasoline driven car to run on electricity, check out the Electricity4Gas electric car conversion manual by Peter Millward.

Many people like the idea of using a pure electric vehicle (EV) to commute but unfortunately, a new plug-in electric car from the manufacturers is still very expensive. A good sedan EV can cost upwards of $40,000!

If you want an electric car but you only have a shoestring budget, the only alternative is to convert a normal car to use electric power.

If you understanding the technical workings of an automobile and you are good with hand tools, you can do the EV conversion in your home garage via a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.

Peter Millward in an environmental activist and he has done numerous electric car conversion projects. The Electricity4Gas manual was written based on his experience with electric car projects.

I bought the Electricity 4 Gas e-book a few weeks back to find out what type of information it has to offer. After reading a couple of chapters, I realize the manual was written for complete beginners. Reason being the language was a bit elementary.

Is this a good thing? Well, it is a good thing if you are new to EV projects and may not know a lot of technical terms. But if you’ve done electric car retrofitting works before, then Peter Millward’s guide may not offer you much information.

So here’s my conclusion after reviewing the Electricity4Gas electric vehicle conversion manual. The guide is meant for someone who is interested on starting an electric car conversion project but do not have the skill or know how to do it themselves. You may be planning to outsource the entire project to a professional workshop.

Even though you are getting someone else to do the conversion for you, it is best for you to learn up on the basic science of EV conversion.

Why do you need EV knowledge? Well, knowledge is power. If you know how an electric car works and what the key components are, at least you will know when you are being charged for unnecessary work or parts for your EV. A little EV knowledge can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you are planning to outsource your electric car conversion project and you want to learn up on EV, Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas is perfect for you. For more information on the guide, click on the link below.

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