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Electricity4Gas Scam – Is Peter Millward a Scam?

One of the first electric car conversion e-book that I bought off the internet is Peter Millward’s Electricity4Gas. That was back maybe a year ago.

There are few other EV conversion guides on the web and Electricity 4 Gas is one of the top sellers. Even though it is selling well, many people still think it is a fraud.

So what’s my view on this?

I bought the electric conversion manual when I had very little knowledge on DIY electric car. To be honest, some of the claims on the sales page at www.electricity4gas.com are a bit far fetch.

It says you can convert your own car to run on electricity for less than $300! Knowing what I know now, the figure is way off.

Realistically, you will need at least 10 times more to convert an automobile to run purely on electricity.

Some of the suggestion in the e-book can help to reduce your EV conversion project cost, but I think it will take a whole lot of hard work and time.

For example, going to the golf course to source for used deep cycle batteries for your homemade electric car to safe cost. Doing that will take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that the batteries will work even after you’ve reconditioned them.

So is Electricity4Gas a scam?

To be fair, I did learn a fair bit about the science behind a DIY electric car. For a newbie, it has a lot of valuable information to get you started on converting a gas guzzler to run on pure electricity.

Therefore, I don’t think it a scam. The sales copy on the web page is just a little bit “hype”-py. I think there are good information in the manual and I decided to keep my copy.

DIY Electric Car Conversion Manual

If you are looking for a more realistic electric car conversion e-book, check out Gavin Shoebridge’s Electric Conversion Made Easy.

Gavin is from New Zealand and he has converted a 1987 Mitsubishi Tredia into a pure plug-in electric car. All the electric components, costing and recommendations are spot on.

In actual fact, EV conversion is not cheap. Be prepared to invest upwards of $4000 to have a reasonable electric car with a 48 volts system. Click on the link below for more information.

==> Click here to visit Electric Conversion Made Easy now!

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