Pontiac Fiero Do It Yourself (DIY) Electric Car Conversion Part 2

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Pontiac Fiero Do It Yourself (DIY) Electric Car Conversion Part 2

The article is the second part of the Pontiac Fiero Do It Yourself (DIY) Electric Car Conversion published in Ezinearticles.com

The motor of the Pontiac Fiero EV is not all you’ll need to replace, you would have to add in a series of lead acid flooded batteries.

Battery weight can make the suspension ride lower. Installation of spring over shocks with an increase in the spring rate can help accommodate the extra weight.

However, this means getting rid of the front suspension arms, trading them out for powder coated tubular arms on which the spring over shock can be mounted.

The number of batteries needed for the conversion will depend on the horsepower of the motor and net weight of the car.

Upgrading the brake rotors and calipers is also smart since, Fieros aren’t known for their stopping power. The increased weight makes installing power brakes important.

A Fiero converted to an electric vehicle should also have high quality set of rubber on the wheels such as Bridgestone tires with low rolling resistance. They should be able to safely carry the vehicle at its new, increased weight and be able to be run at forty-four PSI.

Batteries are a vital part of the system, as well. Something has to supply the power. One common method uses twenty six-volt traction batteries.

An on board charger will allow you to recharge your car overnight. 180V batteries have been used, but one 120V tends to work better for highway speeds. A DC-DC converter supplies power to accessories such as air conditioning, radio and heater.

The inclusion of a small battery used in motorcycles acts as a buffer for load changes. Inclusion of a boost transformer allows charging from standard outlets.

If well sealed, the Pontiac Fiero electric car can be used without a heater in the passenger compartment, but defrosters will be required. Consider a solid state unit with built in temperature limiting to prevent a meltdown. Air conditioning is also possible, but will drain power, decreasing the distance you can drive.

If you own a Fiero and looking for ways to reduce your car running expenses, consider a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion project at home. In the long run, the money save is more than worth you time and effort. If you are an electric car enthusiast and would like to convert a Fiero into electric, you can do so with minimum investment.

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