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Electric Vehicle Conversion Shops in North America

Here is a list of electric vehicle conversion shops in North America. The list is not in any particular order neither is it comprehensive. I will keep on adding more EV conversion shops into the list as when I come across them on the web.

Most people like the idea of driving a [tag-tec]pure electric car[/tag-tec]. Unfortunately, a new EV from the manufacturer is still relatively expensive. The only alternative is to build one via Do It Yourself (DIY). Again, most people would not have the skill nor the know how to do their own electric car conversion. It would be a better idea just to outsource it to an EV conversion workshop.

To be prudent, you should get some basic information on electric vehicle conversion. At least you will know when you are being charged for unnecessary parts or work done on your car. For information on EV conversion, check out Les Oke’s Convert 2 EV e-book. In the meantime, check out the list and see if any of them can help you to convert your gasoline driven car to EV.

1) Green Shed Conversions
Green Shed Conversions is run by Steve Clunn. Clunn has been in the Electric Vehicles (EVs) conversion business for more than 19 years. His shop located in Fort Pierce, Florida.

2) Pioneer Conversions L.L.C.
Pioneer Conversions came into existence when several electric vehicle enthusiasts noticed that there was no easy place for a person in the Chicago Metropolitan area to purchase a used electric powered vehicle or to convert their own EV. Pooling the skill and experience together, Pioneer Conversions has made numerous electric car conversion projects.

3) ReinCarNation
ReinCarNation is a grass-roots company, with the mission of converting gas cars to all-electric commuter vehicles.

4) Revolt: Custom Electric Vehicles, LLC.
Aaron Choate, Christopher Robison and Mark Farver have been involved for some time in forwarding the EV cause in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. They support the enthusiast community extensively through their work with AustinEV, the local Electric Automobile Association chapter.

5) EV Concepts
Electric Vehicle Concepts has been producing Evolutionary Rides since 1978. Manufacturing emission free battery powered transportation and conversions.

6) Green Rides
Green Rides was established to provide their consumers with personal solutions for their green transportation needs. It started in 2006 when, after becoming increasingly tired of rising fuel costs and concerned about our impact on the environment, we decided to go green.

7) Southern Electric Cars, Inc.
Southern Electric Cars, Inc. is a venture by a group of highly skilled and experienced entrepreneurs. They believe that the time has arrived to bring their considerable talents to bear on this most important problem.

8) The Hybrid Company
The Hybrid Company runs their business in Las Vages, NV. They guys there have more than 25 years of experience in EV Conversion.

9) Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions
Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions was founded by Douglas A. Stansfield and his partner Phil Galati. Mr. Stansfield also founded the NJ Electric Auto Association which is where he met Mr. Galati. Based on Doug’s vision for a future conversion business and Phil’s technical devotion to perfection the two decided to open the company for business.

10) Classic Electrics
The guys at Classic Electrics design and build exciting and elegant electric vehicles for their customer. Classic Electrics can transform your classic automobile into a one of a kind electric vehicle. In addition Classic Electrics offers several models of electric vehicles ready to order.

11) Electric Blue

12) Max Hall – Maxmatic

13) AmpMobile Conversions
Ampmobile Conversions LLC was founded by Mike and Paula Moore in 2005, to help others find information about electric vehicles, after they had so much difficulty finding information for their own conversion.

14) Ace Technologies
ACE Technologies, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm, with locations in Michigan, Kentucky and Texas. Since its establishment in 1992, ACE has been supporting projects in manufacturing, automotive assembly, and engineering technology.

15) Virginia Electric Vehicles
Virginia EV, a family-based enterprise located in central VA. Electric Vehicle Conversions is their forte. Their small but very capable team includes one patent holder who has been working with Electric Vehicles since the late 1970s.

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