5 Steps Process Of Retrofitting An Automobile Into Electric Vehicle

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5 Steps Process Of Retrofitting An Automobile Into Electric Vehicle

Converting your gas powered automobile into an electric car is not as difficult as you think. If you have some basic knowledge about car maintenance and the necessary materials, you can finish the work within a few weeks.

You will also be saving a lot of money which otherwise you would have paid to the electric vehicle (EV) conversion technicians. The advantage of converting your car into an EV yourself is that your family members, by helping you in your conversion project, can spend their leisure time doing something creative.

In this blog post, I intended to help those who would like to embark on a DIY car conversion project. The conversion process is explained step by step here.

1) Prepare a detailed plan for your car conversion project.

If you have some prior experience in converting a gas powered car into an electric car, you already know the different steps involved in the conversion process.

But if you are trying to do it for the first time, an Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide will be of immense help to you. The guide will assist you to plan your project and collect materials necessary for the conversion.

By following the instructions in the guide, you will be able to complete the conversion work with minimum difficulties.

2) Find a suitable donor car for conversion.

You can, of course, convert the car you are presently using but that leaves you with no vehicle to travel around till the conversion process is complete. It is, therefore, better to use a donor car for your EV conversion project. The Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide will help you to find a suitable donor car at the right place.

3) Choose a convenient place to do your conversion work.

A car conversion project is going to take up some time. Therefore the place you choose to do your conversion work must be free from obstructions. The place should be spacious enough to move around and secure enough to keep your tools and other conversion materials at one place so that it will be easy for you to locate them when needed.

4) Get the right tools for your project.

A car conversion project doesn’t necessitate very sophisticated tools. Ordinary tools that are commonly found in all garages are sufficient to carry out the work. In case there is the need for a specialized tool, you can easily get it from the local tool hire store.

5) Collect necessary parts for your electric car.

The most expensive part for your homemade electric vehicle is the electric motor and the deep cycle batteries. To keep the cost of converting your car into a pure electric vehicle as low as possible, try to source for used of 2nd hand electric motor and batteries.

Though they are once used, most of them will be in good condition. You can get them from scrap dealers or dealers in second hand items. The EV conversion guide will provide information about places where you can get second hand parts for your electric car from.

If you follow the suggestions above, converting a gas powered car into an electric car will be easier than you imagine. Make use of the guides because they are filled with rich information and advice provided by experienced people in the EV conversion industry.

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