Do You Need A Welding Machine For Your Electric Car Conversion?

In most electric car conversion projects, there is always scope for wielding work as most of the bracing, electric motor supports and other vehicle components are made up of metals and may undergo breakage or require welding after certain period of time. Welding has become a specialized skill and welders who are experienced and best in the business are hired in order carryout all kinds of welding work required.

The welding is a process that has to be carried out very carefully. There are chances of accidents and since it involves dealing with high temperatures, welders need to be very careful. The welders are supposed to carry out the welding work in an area where there is no traces of water. The place where welding machine is placed and welding is done must be properly ventilated.

Welding is a process of heating the work pieces and joining them with a molten metal that forms a strong join after cooling. In order to heat the metals, energy sources like a gas flame, a laser or an electric arc can be used.

Due to the welding process, chemical fumes are emitted which are poisonous. The welders need to protect themselves from the poisonous emissions by masking their face. Thus, there is a great need to take have a proper air circulation system where the welding machine is placed.

Apart from the risk of inhaling poisonous gases, there are chances of fire accidents and visual impairment as well. A welder needs to wear personal protective equipment in order to protect himself. When you are welding, you should wear a long protective jacket and must protect your hands from burns by wearing leather gloves.

Your eyes are very sensitive and when exposed to bright arcs may lead to a condition called “arc eye”, where the cornea undergoes inflammation because of ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet rays emitted during welding process can cause damage to the cornea and retina in the eye. In order avoid damage to your eyes, you should wear goggles or welding helmets.

Not every homemade electric car projects require a welding machine. So before buying the welding machine there is a need to evaluate whether to buy or rent a welding machine. If the welding work is frequently being done in a period of time and there is further scope of use, you may consider buying a welding machine for your workshop. In doing so, investing in a new machine versus hiring skilled welder will prove to be a better option in the long run.

If welding is done infrequently, then renting a welding machine or hiring a welder will be apt. There are different costs associated with the welding works which are welding machine cost, labor cost, equipment cost, energy source cost, material cost and maintenance cost.

The welding equipment cost depends upon the methods being used. The cost of material is nothing but the cost of the metals that are used in welding can be quite expensive. The energy source cost can vary based on the source. Normally, gas flames are inexpensive when compared to laser or electric arc. The maintenance cost is the cost incurred to maintain, repair or service the welding machine.

Now that you know what’s involved in a welding process, you can now decide if you have to buy a new welding machine for your garage or outsource the welding work to a professional.

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