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Buy Makita MAC700 Compressor – Discounted Price

Since the Makita MAC700 discount coupon first appeared and then expired, home DIY enthusiasts everywhere have wanted to know how to get a new air compressor for a little less money.

The web is filled with cheap discount coupon codes that just don’t seem to be working. Is there a way to get your MAC700 for a lower price than you might ordinarily pay? Well, the answer is yes, there is currently one way for you to get your new compressor a little lower priced, and why not? I’ll show you how in a while.

Introducing The Makita MAC700 Compressor

The Makita MAC 700 Big Bore is the result of a revolution in engineering. Homebuilders and car mechanics could overlook this compressor in favor of a cheaper design, but it is truly a top contender in its class for professional as well as casual work.

Several things have led us to this make that statement. First, it is the least noisy unit we have ever tested. It stands out in a line of equipment that are usually hard to talk over. The MAC 700 model works at a steady 80 decibels, much quieter than most units. This makes it great for use indoors, such as the basement or garage.

Another item that got our attention is the easy to grip lever-valve which protects your knuckles as the air is released from the tank after the day is over. The two horsepower motor only takes a minute to re-compress after a cycle, making it ideal for jobs that require constant pressure.

The Makita crafted Big Bore pump uses a cylinder with a large bore and stroke for faster compression, recovery while operating with very little noise. A solid cast iron design is made for the strongest durability in mind, even on the toughest of job sites. Each MAC700 is fitted with an oil lubricated air pumping unit that comes with a larger professional air filter for efficient intake of outside air.

This does marvels for the power to work ratio of the Makita, allowing it to operate at much lower RPMs than the competition. This will allow you to get more work done and will not tax your generator as much, either.

A 2.6 gallon holding tank can work at pressures up to 130 PSI. An efficient design allows for low amperage draw, reducing the chance that a breakers will be tripped and the reduction in voltage that can lead to expensive early pump failures.

Other things worth noting are the see oil status window that allows you to see the current oil level, a modern pressure release valve that has been redesigned for quicker maintenance, as well as the ribbed heat dissipation system that gets rid of waster heat and lengthens the life of the motor. A robust roll bar protects against drops and falls.

The Makita MAC 700 was made with the health of your ears in mind. It has a strong motor for getting the job done fast. It is another proof of Makita’s commitment to quality design and excellent craftwork.

To summarize, each Makita Big Bore designed motor features a forged steel cylinder for best in class performance, quicker recovery all with very low noise. Sturdy steel construction allows you to keep working all day long, even on the toughest job site.

These features make the Makita stand out among the competition and make it a clear choice. It sets a new bar for excellence in design and durability. Your MAC 700 will become a reliable part of your toolkit for years to come.

Getting The MAC 700 At A Discount

If you want to get your Makita MAC700 air compressor at a discount, all you have know is how to get the lowest price from It’s quite simple actually. From time to time, Amazon will run special deals and discounts that you can take advantage of. You just need to keep your eyes open for these types of deal to pop up.

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