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GM EV1 – A Blast From The Past

More than 10 years ago GM’s electric car, the EV1, was a flop in the marketplace when they first launched it. But with gas over four dollars a gallon it would probably attract a lot more attention today.

Back when it was launched, the EV1 was revolutionary. It had a host of innovative features like regenerative braking and light-weight construction. Unfortunately, GM pulled the plug on the EV1 program just a few years ago. Why did they canceled the EV1 electric car project? Maybe at that time, it was more profitable to sell the high margin but gas guzzling SUVs. If GM were to put the EV1 back in the market, I believe the demand would be substantially higher today.

Take a look at this GM corporate video from the Autoline archives which highlights many of the EV1’s features and shows how relevant the car is today.

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  2. josh medeiros October 1, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    I believe that the electric car is a great idea in my auto shop class i am making a electric race car we are converting a gas powered car into a electric battery opperated car that will run on laptop batterys just like many of the electric cars that there is today. I think that gm had a great idea of making the first electric car but they just didnt avertise it in the right way and there are alot of different things that could of killed the electric car. I belive that today we need to come out with some electric cars to save gas because they are almost over $3.00 a gal in cali.

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