The Green Toyota Rav4 Electric Car

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The Green Toyota Rav4 Electric Car

Green Toyota Rav4 Electric Car

How big is the concept of electric car for the masses? It may not seem like mainstream current, but I believe in the near future, electric vehicle will be the main offering from all the big car manufacturers. We can only depend on fossil fuel for so long. There is going to be a tipping point. It is just a matter of time.

You will notice most of the large car manufacturers are launching their pure electric car models. If we are talking about large car manufacturers, we can’t leave out [tag-tec]Toyota[/tag-tec]. Toyota also has its own electric car model, its the Rav4. Check out the video below.

Toyota RAV4-EV battery vehicle only gets 60 miles of driving range … – Here is some interesting information about the Toyota RAV4-EV battery vehicle from Toyota’s website:. “Toyota Motor Corporation discontinued production of the RAV4 Electric Vehicle worldwide in the spring of 2003. …

eBay Find of the Day: Toyota RAV4 electric conversion – AutoblogGreen – Toyota made the electric RAV enticing but it is now unavailable. Ever wonder what a regular old gasoline RAV4 converted into a electric RAV4 would be like? Some folks have taken matters in their own hands. A RAV4 in Oregon converted to …

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