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Prius Battery Rebuild – Save Money On Your Toyota Prius Battery Replacement

As with any vehicle that is in constant use, the Prius will require a battery replacement after some years have passed. Dealers are happy to accommodate you with a Toyota Prius battery replacement, at no charge to you, if it is still under warranty.

However, if the warranty has expired, you are presented with a heavy cost for a new one. The vast majority of dealers are known to charge the highest prices for parts and labor. Unfortunately, for the owners of this car, they will have some serious decisions to make about the Toyota Prius battery replacement because it typically costs about $4000, which is a hefty price to pay for a used vehicle.

Rumor has it that the prices have worked their way down to the arena of $2700 to $3500, yet for most owners that is still an extravagant price to pay for the Toyota Prius battery rebuild. The fact is that most people will begin to look at other options, particularly if they want to keep their Prius.

Toyota Prius Battery Replacement Cost

There are some dealers who offer the replacement battery for approximately $1500, which is quite a difference, yet there are still more options. If you do a search on the internet, it will broaden the horizon for various opportunities.

For example, you can find instructional guides and videos on the internet that inform you about how to do your own Toyota Prius battery rebuild. This option is one of the more reasonable ones available for those who want to keep their car. It allows you to keep your old battery and rebuild it, thus creating your own replacement.

There are detailed instructions to follow, which take you step by step through the process. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, the guide is thorough enough to walk you through, which will ultimately save you from exorbitant costs. There are testimonials that validate this.

However, if your schedule does not have the free time required for the project, or if you have no interest in the mechanics of rebuilding your battery, you still do not need to spend thousands on a Toyota Prius battery refurbished.

Cheaper Battery Replacement Alternative

There are numerous mechanics who will rebuild your Prius battery at the standard shop rates. You will discover this when you do a search on the internet, as well as the ability to find the mechanics that are located in your geographical area.

For a mechanic to rebuild the battery, the average cost is between $500 to $700; thus solving the problem of car owners paying outrageous prices for their Toyota Prius battery replacement. These options were at the top of the list for Toyota Prius owners to consider. If you desire to keep your car, they are worth the consideration.

If you are looking for a guide which will show you how to replace your old Prius battery as a lower cost, click on the link below to visit which will show you step by step Prius battery rebuilding process.

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  1. Will December 22, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    I thought of sharing what happened to me a couple days ago with my Prius. It was a cool windy morning, I just wanted to switch on the heater of my car to warm up the interior, but it simply did not work. After checking the middle of the dash board, the red triangle light lit up, it was simple that the battery was dead and not working. This was the signal of replacement of my hybrid battery. During lunch break, I started looking at yellow pages and called some of the dealers to find the cost of the replacement of the battery.

    The price mentioned by the dealers was quite shocking as the price was in four digits, the price was quite high and I looked at the three options available to me to find the hybrid battery.

    Since my wife was pregnant and we were expecting baby in a month, I had to get my car back on road at the earliest. I started exploring the three options:-

    – I could see around to see the cost of rebuilt hybrid battery.

    – To purchase the new battery for the replacement of my dead battery.

    – The last to buy a new car.

    Which option should I go with?

  2. Benjamin February 11, 2012 at 6:23 am

    In the United States entire hybrid system carries a warranty of 8 years for 100,000 miles and it also includes the Toyota Prius Hybrid battery. In California the warranty is more for Toyota Prius battery which is 10 years and or 150,000 miles.

    As per Toyota, there has not been a single replacement till date, Toyota nickel metal hybrid batteries are expected to have a life of 150,000 miles whereas other batteries last for 36,000 miles or three years, which by all means is very less. The life span of the Toyota battery is based on the laboratory bench testing, however statements pertaining to Toyota Prius battery is not determined by the time, the life is based as per the miles.

    It is said that it can run for 180,000 miles easily, but in some cases it has been seen that the batteries have lasted for even 200,000 miles without any problems. The average life of Toyota Prius battery life is for eight years but you can expect it to run even for nine years without any hurdles.

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