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Why I Love The Toyota Prius Hybrid Car

If you were to drive and compare the Prius hybrid car with a conventional automobile, you will be amazed to see the fuel efficiency and the lower emissions. The technology in this car is really superb as the name Prius means “to go before” in Latin and true to its name the car has a combination of both gasoline fueled internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

As compared to any other car, the Prius has superb speed as it zooms on the left lane on the freeway. The older Prius model is equally an efficient car, the engine has a special features which helps the car to maintain its super look and quality.

Most people, who are interested in buying a hybrid car, just look at the Prius models because of its looks and popularity. Their first preference seems to be pious models like Prius.

The reputation and the reliability of Toyota have been accepted by the car manufacturers, the durability and all other features of the Prius cars are well recognized. Since the car works are complex, it is difficult for a common mechanic to understand the technology, the buyer sure suggested to do lot of research before purchasing the car. The reason is that repairs and the spare parts are somewhat expensive.

The model which was launched by the company in 2010 OEM Prius hubcaps was totally redesigned. The only similarity was four day hatch and the place for five to sit in the car perfectly. The power train which has been installed has a 1.8 liter fuel tank which has a capacity to produce 98 horsepower and 105 pound-feet torque; it is used in the union with two electric motors and some sorts of special planetary gear set that works as CVT meaning continuously variable transmission.

The car produces a system power which is equivalent to 134 horsepower, when under full acceleration, both the power sources work together and the car gets its maximum speed which it can handle perfectly. In the situation where the car is being driven in stop-and-go traffic, the Prius switches between the two power sources.

Normally that time it works on battery power source, this is the reason why this car has highest fuel economy, and also the regenerative braking system which is supposed to convert energy is lost as heat and generates electricity which is also used to power the car, as it helps to charge the battery pack, the present power train is more strong and sturdy on high ways when compared to the earlier models of Prius.

This is the reason that the car is very fuel efficient, with an EPA combined fuel economy; the car can run 50 miles in a gallon. Such features make this car more popular, it is the matter of having money, and everybody would love to have this car if one has sufficient funds.

People who have money buy this car and make it more attractive by adding more accessories and features. With the rising prices of gasoline, this car is a definite answer as it has unbelievable fuel efficiency due to its dual power source.

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