10 Steps to Convert VW Beetle to Electric Car

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10 Steps to Convert VW Beetle to Electric Car

Converting Your VW Beetle to Electric Car

The following is a list of processes required to convert a gasoline driven VW Beetle to run purely on electric. The list came about from my research and reading on electric car conversion guides.

The list is a guideline on the steps required for a [tag-tec]DIY electric car[/tag-tec] retrofitting. Check out the list below.

1) To make the process easier, remove the car transmission and put in on your working place. Start by sliding the coupler onto the series motor and tighten all the screws. It is very important to make sure the electric motor shaft and the transmission center core lined up perfectly.

2) Using a floor jack or engine hoist, lift the motor and transmission setup and slide it into the engine compartment place. Tighten all bolts. Don’t tighten the bolts until you cut it.

3) Start building your battery racks or install preassembled battery racks. You can mount 4 – 6 batteries behind or under back seat of the Beetle and bolt or weld to the car frame.

4) Run the large Ga. cable from back to front of the VW Beetle. The cable can go under the rear seat and between front seats and through the firewall. Make sure one cable is marked with red on both ends for the (+) positive terminal.

5) Install throttle box in the engine compartment. It is easiest to use self-tapping screws and secure it right to the inside of the firewall. Measure the right distance and attach “L” bracket from the throttle box to mount the throttle cable sleeve. Attach cable to throttle box and adjust for proper range of travel.

6) Mount controller, contactor, fuse, and shunt at an appropriate location in the Bug engine compartment. To keep the cable short, it is best to keep all the parts as close together as possible.

7) Mount the amp meter and volt meter in appropriate location preferably on or near the dashboard.

8) Run all the cables from the batteries, controller, electric motor etc. This is a tricky process and you should have an electric car wiring diagram with you.

9) Run the light gauge wire to amp meter and volt meter. The electric vehicle can now be tested. Make sure it is in neutral with parking brake applied or on jack-stands when testing for the first time.

10) Wire main charger to battery pack. You can now start test driving your electric VW Beetle. After test driving the vehicle, plug it in to a power source and recharge.

I am assuming you understand and know all the components required for a VW Beetle Bug electric conversion. If not, you can get a copy of electric car conversion guide here. This list is not comprehensive. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment.

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