DIY VW Bug Electric Car Conversion From Home Garage

A VW Bug or Beetle as been an icon back in the 1970s. My dad used to own a VW Bug and we had fond memories of it. Volkswagen has been quite successful reviving its Beetle model but some people still prefer the old model due to sentimental values. Now, if you own an old Bug, you can actually convert it into an electric vehicle.

A VW Bug is actually quite suitable to be converted to run purely on electric power. The car is back wheel drive which make is easier to mouth the electric motor and for better handling. It also has ample space to store all the deep cycle batteries. An average VW Bug electric car would need about 20 units of batteries to achieve 150 miles per charge.

If you own and old Beetle car, you can start you DIY Volkswagon Bug electric vehicle retrofitting with minimum investment.

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Check out the VW Bug electric car conversion video below: