Choosing the Right VW Beetle Electric Donor Car

Recently, I have been looking at the statistics of my blog and I found there was a lot of interest on VW Bug electric car. I am not sure why this is so but since the blog readers like the subject of VW Beetle electric car, I will write more blog post about it.

Most of the information that I gathered from my research are from Les and Jane Oke’s e-book Convert 2 EV. I am going to write about how to choose the right VW Bug electric donor car.

Firstly, before you decide what type of Bug you want to get for your electric retrofitting, you have to decide what you want the car to do for you.

Do you want to carry passenger or do you want to carry cargo? If you want to carry cargo, how much cargo do you want to carry?

In this case, you can start to source for VW Bug Pickup for your electric car conversion project.

When you are choosing a VW Beetle electric donor car, find one which is light weight. Reason being, a light weight vehicle will give you more mileage per charge. It is basic science, the lighter the body, the less power you will need to propel the car forward.

The next important point to remember is to choose a donor car with manual transmission. A donor car with an automatic transmission is not really suitable for electric conversion. An automatic transmission would need the [tag-tec]internal combustion engine[/tag-tec] to be running constantly to pump transmission fluid into the transmission.

An electric motor will stop turning when it is at rest therefore making a VW Bug with automatic transmission not suitable.

Most of the information I’ve gather about electric car conversion are common sense. But if you would like to do your own research on electric car, you can check out the review on electric car guides on the web below.

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