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VW Electric Car News

Here are some news that I found on VW electric cars on the web:

  • VW and Sanyo Electric to Partner on Li-Ion for Hybrid and Electric Cars – The Nikkei reports that Volkswagen AG and Sanyo Electric Co. jointly will develop a lithium-ion battery for hybrid and electric cars. VW hopes to start importing the battery for use in its vehicles by 2012, according to unnamed company sources…
  • VW to join Toyota, GM with 2010 plug-in Hybrid – The German government announced it will be helping to fund VW’s plug-in hybrid development program with 15 million euros. VM aims for a 2010 vehicle with 31 miles of all-electric range. VW head Martin Winterkorn said that while petrol or diesel powered cars would be around for some time to come, “the future belongs to all-electric cars.”
  • VW Doesn’t Believe In All Electric Vehicle Future, Just Yet – Strange that a car manufacturer would want to spoil the dance and throw ice cube into the parade but apparently, VW thinks that all electrical vehicles aren’t feasible because of battery technology drawbacks…
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