How To Select The Right Deep Cycle Battery Charger

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How To Select The Right Deep Cycle Battery Charger

Deep cycle batteries are eco-friendly, with negligible impact on environment and are energy-efficient. These benefits alone should encourage people to use this type of batteries not only on DIY electric cars but on every electric powered equipment.

The design of the deep cycle batteries and its configuration are the two very important criteria in getting a right type of charger for the batteries. Different types of batteries have their own distinct features and thus a single charger will not be useful for all types of batteries. It is, therefore essential to ensure that the money is not spent on a wrong device and prevent a situation, where one will get stranded because the battery is fully drained out.

Deep cell battery chargers are normally used on boats, electric golf carts, electric vehicle etc to charge the batteries fully. Apart from knowing several aspects of the battery in order to select a suitable type of charger, it is equally important to be aware of its capacity.

Several aspects that need to looked into for selecting the charger; include the pattern of the battery pack, the input voltage of the battery, the state of the electrical system and any likelihood of over or undercharging the battery.

A precise charger should not only charge the batteries effectively, but also lengthen the life of the costly equipment by retaining the appropriate charge and ensure safety of the user and the surroundings. While overcharging is mainly responsible for damaging a battery, undercharging it is the second most common cause for its breakdown.

If the deep cycle battery is of high quality, it would be prudent to invest in an appropriate, high-quality ‘smart charger’ as well. This charger is a computer monitored device that notes the readings from the battery, while it is connected and ensures that accurate charge is provided by distributing desired voltage and electric current for your homemade electric car.

Many smart chargers are also equipped with a built-in equalizer charge that will be activated as soon as the main charging is completed. This process balances out the charges transmitted to the individual battery cells in order to optimize the performance of the battery.

Another important aspect that should be borne in mind is to choose a portable deep cycle battery charger as the charger can be used in various locations. Though the battery chargers are, primarily, meant for use on boats, on certain occasions it is also used on land.

It is also important to make sure that one feels comfortable to use the charger and that it fits in the environment in which it is used. It is necessary to purchase a battery charger that is easy to use and has a good grip so that it can be hooked up properly.

Deep cycle battery chargers provide most essential back up for those who decide to embark on a long road trip. In order to derive maximum benefits and get the best out of the money invested on the battery charger, several aspects need to be considered. As all chargers are not alike, there are no specific criteria to choose a charger.

Nevertheless, making use of these criteria can facilitate in buying the correct type of charger and avoid regretting later for any wrong purchase. A superior quality charger can eliminate all ‘trial and error’ methods for maintaining a deep cycle battery. Whether it is an inexpensive charger or a most up-to-date one, only a strict maintenance schedule can assure a longer hassle-free life from the deep cycle batteries on your electric car.

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