Working And Maintaining Deep Cycle Batteries

Coming to the point of a deep cycle battery, it is a special type of battery used by sea boats and navy. The specialty of this battery is its particular maintenance needs. To recharge recycle batteries adequately, a multiple stage deep cycle battery charger should be used.

A large numbers of charge and discharge process required […]

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Why Deep Cycle Batteries Are Ideal For DIY Electric Cars

The difference between a deep cycle battery and a cranking battery is quite obvious. The output from the first one is a steady flow of current over a long time, whereas the second one produces a high-level of current for a short spell, normally to crank a motor to start.

There are also dual purpose batteries […]

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Understanding The Capability & Limits Of Deep Cycle Batteries

Many people when taken away from the main power supply depend upon the good battery and charging set. They do not understand the characteristic of the battery which they are using in their caravan/RV/camper trailer and have no knowledge about the power supplied by the battery and its duration.

The worst is that when the battery […]

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