Understanding The Different Type Of Battery Chargers

Deep cycle batteries are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and retain charge for long hours. The design pattern and the construction of deep cycle batteries are the two vital parameters in choosing the right type of charger for the battery. There are some popular types of these batteries each one having certain distinctive features and therefore, a [...]

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4 Reasons Why I Like Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are known for high degree of efficiency, durability and longevity. They are of much better-quality batteries than the conventional batteries in all respects. In addition, they are eco-friendly ‘green’ batteries that do not pollute the atmosphere. These types of batteries, as an alternate source of energy combine well with eco-friendly technologies. In [...]

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How To Preserve Your Homemade Electric Car Batteries?

Producers of batteries always recommend that the batteries in a homemade electric car battery pack should be charged completely for proper storage. However, a certain level of charge suitable for one type of battery may not always work for another variety. However, according to one newsletter on an electric car, a partially charged lithium battery [...]

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