Deep Cycle Battery – Discharging Power Slowly & Steadily

Those on a long trip or on an excursion away from the main electric power source need a dependable battery without the need for recharging on the way. Many people normally use the battery provided in their caravans, recreation vehicles or ‘camper trailers’ without understanding the features of the battery such as how much electric [...]

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Changing The Battery Cables Of Homemade Electric Cars

It is not at all a time-taking or a very tough job to change a homemade electric car battery cables. However, those not familiar with battery-operated vehicle, a glance inside the battery storage box is enough to make them perplexed seeing an assortment of wires scattered haphazardly inside the compartment. There is no specific pattern [...]

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Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Golf Cart Batteries

Those fond of playing golf or ardent golfers may find it very expensive to go on replacing golf cart batteries frequently. However, a few simple techniques as explained below may be useful in maintaining batteries properly and ensure their long-life: 1) Consult manufacturer’s guide. Manufacturer’s guide gives detailed instructions on how to take care of [...]

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