Can DIY Electric Car Users Access Better Place Electric Charging Station?

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Can DIY Electric Car Users Access Better Place Electric Charging Station?

Better Place, a California start up company is proposing to set up a large network of electric charging posts in Israel, Denmark, Australia, California and Hawaii.

This is definitely a good news on the development of the electric car for the masses. The current challenge for electric vehicle is its mileage per charge. With these electric charging posts, EV users can drive a further distance hence making EV more practical.

I have been thinking. Will DIY electric car users able to use these electric charging posts?

From the information that I’ve gathered from the web, Better Place has tied up with Renault-Nissan to develop the electric car. No doubt the electric car from Renault-Nissan will be expensive to lease or purchase.

It will be great if Better Place charging post can be used by DIY electric car. However, from the looks of it, there may be some techical and safety issues in doing that. Nonetheless, the electric car is slowly but surely gaining it’s foothold on the transport industry.

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