3 Reasons Why Pure Electric Car Is Here To Stay

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3 Reasons Why Pure Electric Car Is Here To Stay

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and you may already have heard or read about them in news media. There are different factors that make electric cars so popular.

First of all, driving an electric car is so cheap. An electric car uses electricity to run whereas a gasoline powered car uses gasoline. Gasoline is costlier than electricity and its price is increasing day after day. Those who want to reduce the cost of driving a car are converting their cars into pure electric vehicle (EV).

Secondly, an electric car is environment friendly. Since electric cars use electricity to run, they don’t emit exhaust fumes like the traditional cars. Carbon emission from gasoline powered vehicles pollutes the environment more than anything else.

The third reason for the popularity of electric and hybrid cars is the increased awareness among the public of the need to keep the environment clean. The general public tries to follow the example of famous people who own and drive electric cars.

Most electric cars on the road are not manufactured as electric cars; they are ordinary cars converted into electric cars. Just by looking at a car, you can’t tell whether it is an electric car or a gasoline powered car. By listening to the sound of the car, you can mostly make out what type of car it is.

Unlike a gasoline powered car, an electric car makes no sound or makes just a humming sound. If you want to find the difference between an electric car and a gasoline powered car clearly, you should lift the hood of the car. Under the hood of an electric car, you will find:

1. An electric motor in the place of the fuel engine

2. That the controller is connected to the battery, and

3. Electricity is supplied to the motor through the controller.

In an electric vehicle, you will find a number of wires. But in the case of an ordinary car, there will be a number of pipes, hoses and tubes to carry the liquid fuel and oil to different parts of the car and to expel the exhaust fume.

Another plus point for an electric car is its easy maneuverability. It is easier to drive an electric car than a conventional car. It can also attain high speed as soon as it is started.

Even when the car is running at a low speed, it has enough power to climb a curb easily. But if it is an ordinary car that you are driving, you have to first stop your car, change the gear and accelerate fully to get the force the car needs to climb the curb.

Of course, converting a car into an electric car has its downside also. If you are a conversion enthusiast, you can convert your car into an electric car yourself by gathering information on EV car conversion from the internet. Since there are a number of websites which provide free and detailed instructions on car conversion, converting your car into an electric car will not be a big issue for you.

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