Best Battery For DIY Electric Car Conversion Project

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As explained in the video above, the recommended battery for a home solar power system is the Trojan T-105 RE.

Generally, a DIY electric car has the same power requirement as a home solar system.

The system power inverter would require a constant power draw on the battery.

The battery has to withstand repeated low level power draw and multiple recharge cycles.

The T-105 RE was specifically designed for the requirement for an electric car.

However, do not buy the Trojan T-105 RE from the internet!

The unit weight of the battery is 67 lbs. If you were to buy it online, you will be paying a lot of money for delivery charges.

The best solution is to get the battery from your local Trojan battery dealer.

Call up your local Trojan dealer and ask them if they have the T-105 RE in stock. If they don’t it would be easy for them to order a couple of units from Trojan HQ.

If they do have stock, drive to your local Trojan battery dealer and buy it from them. You will be saving a lot of shipping and handling cost if you were to do so.

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