Inside the Electric Truck

Have you ever wonder what is inside an electric truck? The science behind any electric vehicle is no difference. You will need an electric motor as a power source to generate the torque required to move the vehicle forward. You will need a motor controller to control the speed of the motor. You will also need batteries to supply power to the motor and you will need lots of it. 20 units of deep cycle batteries minimum.

If you are planning to start a DIY electric vehicle conversion project from your home garage, a truck donor vehicle would be quite suitable. The flatbed of any pickup truck has ample space to store all the batteries needed for your daily driving.

If you are searching for a donor truck, you can start by identifying one which has a faulty internal combustion engine. A truck with a busted engine is cheaper for the obvious reason…you need to spend money to repair it! The seller has no idea that you will be removing the engine and install an electric motor. Make sure the truck has good suspension, transmission and brakes. These components are important for your EV truck after the conversion. Check out the video below on a Ford Ranger converted to run purely on electricity.