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Hybrid Trucks – How Would Car Manufacturers Tackle This Market?

Every week we come to know about the rise in gasoline prices, this is the reason why oil prices are considered most volatile on the commodity market. The tension in the Middle East Region, the major oil producing region seems not ending that soon.

Even if the tension is resolved there will be another conflict, this […]

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Electric Golf Carts – Prelude To Homemade Electric Pickup Truck

For those who are planning to start an electric truck conversion project, it is best you get to know the humble electric golf carts. Golf carts have undergone up-gradation in technology like most other utility items; the improvements brought about are to raise the efficiency, reduce hassles of maintenance or introduce some added feature for […]

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DIY Electric Truck Conversion – Things You Should Consider

When you are planning to start your own electric car conversion project, one of the types of donor car you should look into is a pickup truck. A truck has many advantages compared to a normal sedan especially for EV conversion projects.

However, there a few things you should take into account when choosing a donor […]

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