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Electric Golf Carts – Prelude To Homemade Electric Pickup Truck

For those who are planning to start an electric truck conversion project, it is best you get to know the humble electric golf carts. Golf carts have undergone up-gradation in technology like most other utility items; the improvements brought about are to raise the efficiency, reduce hassles of maintenance or introduce some added feature for better functionality.

Just like any homemade electric vehicle, the golf carts, among other things, need battery replacement but far less frequently. In certain models, there is no replacement needed during the working life of the cart!

Those who are not well acquainted with the inbuilt modifications for such a significant change of a vital maintenance feature are not too sure when they find it necessary to change the battery; some senior golfers still tend to believe that the old type batteries were much easier to maintain and cheaper to replace.

A bit of clarity on this may help settle the issue. No doubt, the batteries being used to power the new models of golf carts are costlier; but then they have a much longer life too. Proper maintenance surely increases the usable life span of the battery. It cannot however be assured that modern day golf carts would never need replacement of battery.

When such a need does arise, it’s a good idea to replace the existing battery with a battery of exactly the same specifications; even with the same brand unless there are concrete reasons not to do so. This will ensure continuity of power supply needed by the cart system.

Another point well worth keeping in mind while going in for change of battery is the type of terminal set up; it is easily missed, so be extra careful. The fact is that there are several types of terminal set up that are available in the market.

A different type of terminal set up may not quite suit the cart electric motor; it may even not run with it! It is not at all advisable to try to somehow use a battery with a different terminal set up by re-arranging cables. Such an effort, unless done by an expert technician, may cause irreparable damage to the motor; so such an idea is better given up before execution.

Keep in mind that the golf cart has been designed with high level of manufacturers’ expertise and should not be fiddled with just to make a wrong terminal design fit it. Such a mismatch may even result in electrical explosion that can cause not only damage to the vehicle but serious injuries to persons around.

Every battery has a specific power rating i.e. voltage that it supplies. In case a battery of 48 volts specification came as original with the golf cart, the replacement has to be with the same voltage piece.

Don’t be under a wrong impression that you can enhance the vehicle power by replacing the existing battery with a battery of higher voltage. Such a misadventure is sure to raise current amperage through the cables and give rise to overheating; this again can lead to fire with consequences that need no elaboration here.

Yes, comparing prices offered by different battery vendors is your legitimate right; do it for sure, more so in today’s times of financial distress.

By understanding the internal workings of an electric golf cart, you will also understanding how a DIY electric pickup truck works. Generally, a homemade EV is a pimped up golf cart on the road.

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