Electric Car Benefits

Pure Electric Cars Getting The Attention They Deserve

Though electric cars date their history back to the 1850s, it is only very recently that they started getting the attention they deserve. There are different reasons that make an electric car a better choice over a gasoline powered car.

Firstly, it is eco-friendly. Unlike a car that uses fossil fuel, an electric car doesn’t emit […]

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Technology Advancement Making Pure Electric Cars Practical

For the last couple of years, the electric car DC batteries have been put to different design tests to check out the optimum efficiency. The prototypes were built to test the designs which were offered for sale after making certain designs adjustments. It is fair to say this is an exciting time for electric vehicle […]

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Pure Electric Car – A Replacement For Gasoline Powered Automobile

Have you ever spotted an electric car on the street, it is quite impossible to identify such cars as these cars quite resemble gasoline powered cars? If you are an automobile enthusiast, you can probably spot easily an electric vehicle (EV) among many cars, the other way is to spot an electric powered car is […]

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