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Caring For Your DIY Electric Car For A Showroom Radiance Finish

Maintaining the electric motor and the deep cycle batteries on your DIY electric car, of course, is necessary for its efficient performance; but if you leave the car exterior uncared for, it does not impress anyone.

When you think of selling your electric vehicle for a change or any other reason, an unkempt exterior look is […]

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Tools Needed In Your Home Garage To Maintain An Electric Car

With numerous varieties of automotive tools on hand, a garage car manual to guide and sparing some time and attention, minor car repairs and its scheduled servicing and maintenance works can be undertaken easily by anyone at his automobile garage at home to maintain an electric car road-worthy and keep it running smoothly.

This way one […]

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3 Ways To Increase The Usage Of Pure Electric Cars

Electric cars are back in popularity after a long gap and most of the car drivers would prefer this type of vehicles to gasoline-powered cars because of soaring prices of fuel and oil, provided all other aspects, such as price, running and maintenance expenses and operating efficiencies between the two types of vehicles are the […]

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