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The Electric Vehicle Conversion Handbook by Mark Warner Review

Electric cars have become once again one of the most popular modes of transport after a gap of nearly a decade, because their carbon emission levels are quite low, cause less pollution and are eco-friendly.

Many owners of gasoline-powered cars prefer to convert their cars into electric vehicles on their own at home rather than going […]

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Seth Leitman’s Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Book Review

Last month, I finally got my hands on Seth Leitman’s Build Your Own Electric Vehicle book from Amazon.com/. Here’s an interesting fact that I didn’t know about Leitman, he holds a degree in engineering and has worked on the Lunar Rover project. I guess he must be a technical genius.

I have always like Do It […]

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Gas2Electric Review – Is It Any Good?

Back in mid 2008, many car owners were having a tough time maintaining and refueling their cars. The global crude oil reached a height of $150 per barrel and that in effect has shot local gasoline prices through the roof.

It was a dreadful experience going to the gas station. If you own a large SUV, […]

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