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5 Good Reasons You Should Get An Electric Bicycle

For short distance travel between 5 to 30 miles a day in urban areas, an electric bicycle is the best environmental friendly mode of transport. That too without increasing the time and the cost of travel.

The electric motor of the e-bicycle is driven by a grid charged battery. And the mechanical energy provided by the […]

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Maintenance To Keep Electric Golf Carts In Good Condition

Electric golf carts are all equipped with batteries; these batteries are deep cycle based and similar to what you would find on marine boats. A deep cycle battery can last for years if well maintained but will burn out quickly if neglected.

It’s important to keep your battery charged, allowing it to lose too much power […]

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Electric Golf Cart Maintenance – Taking Care Of The Batteries

A battery is the soul of an electric-powered golf cart. Deep cycle batteries are used to power the engine to run the golf cart. Even though these types of batteries appear like conventional car batteries, deep cycle batteries are extensively used in variety of different applications where ordinary car batteries are not so suitable.

While both […]

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