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Using Solar Panels On Electric Cars – Dumb Idea

From time to time, I get an inquiry on this blog about the possible benefit of putting solar panels on an electric car to recharge the batteries while it is not being driven. Let's face it, your typical vehicle, electric or not, spends most of its time turned off, sitting in the open. And, I [...]

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How To Build a Portable Power Pack For $25

Do you need power on the go? Check out the video above. It's show you how to built a portable power pack for just $25. >> 3 Best Batteries For a DIY Electric Car Conversion Project << Click here to read article Saving Cost On The EV Battery Bank Do you want to know how [...]

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Charging An Electric Car Batteries With Solar Cells

Is it possible to charge the batteries of a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car with solar cells? As it turns out, you can. However, you can’t mouth the solar cells on the car because there is simply not enough surface area. Well, unless you want to cover the entire car with Photovoltaic (PV) cells, [...]

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