Converting a Gas Powered Car to Electric – How To Get Started?

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Converting a Gas Powered Car to Electric – How To Get Started?

Converting a Gas Powered Car to Electric

From my research on DIY electric car, I realize there are many people that are very open to the idea of converting their gas powered car to electric.

I think this is understandable because of the recent gasoline price hike back in 2008. Many car owners were unable to cope with their inflated energy expense bill.

[tag-tec]Electric vehicles[/tag-tec] (EV) are definitely cheaper to run compared to a gasoline car. Unfortunately, without the economy of scale, a brand new electric car from the dealership is still quite expensive.

One alternative for us to own an EV is to convert our conventional vehicle to run on electricity via a Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.

How do we start a DIY electric car conversion project from home?

Well, the first step to any car modification process is to get a good conversion guide.

There are numerous electric car conversion guides on the web. All you need to do is perform a query on the search engine and select the right one for you.

The retrofitting process is actually not that complicated. The idea is to remove the [tag-tec]internal combustion engine[/tag-tec] and replace it with an electric motor.

Since the engine is gone, the gas tank, fuel lines, radiator, exhaust pipe and fuel pump are to be taken out as well.

To generate torque, the electric motor is connected to the existing transmission unit. This is a critical step because any mistakes will affect the efficiency of the motor therefore reducing the performance of your electric vehicle.

Now is the time where you have to follow all the instructions in the conversion guides carefully. It is imperative that you align the motor and the transmission shafts perfectly. Any misalignment will create vibration and that will shake your EV components loose.

Converting a gas powered car to electric can be tedious. If you do not have the patience, you should outsource the work to a professional mechanic.

However, we should not be ignorant on the subject of EV Conversion. We should so some research on electric car. This is to safeguard us from being charge for unnecessary parts or work done.

If you are looking for a good Electric Car Conversion guide, you can check out Convert 2 EV e-book.

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