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Les And Jane Oke – What You Ought To Know About Convert2EV

Les and Jane Oke, a couple, have been taking every possible step to protect the nature from degradation for the last 20 years. They realized that the environment is polluted mostly by the exhaust fumes emitted by vehicles using fossil fuels.

So their efforts to save the environment were mostly concentrated on converting as many conventional automobile with an internal combustion engine to electric vehicles (EV) so that the vehicles won’t emit harmful gases into the air.

Les and Jane themselves used only pure electric cars which they converted on their own. They jointly have authored an e-book on the subject of conversion of gas guzzler into electric vehicles. As a result of their efforts, a number of cars have already been converted to electric vehicles.

Whatever they know and their experiences with homemade electric vehicles are explained in detail in their ebook, Convert2EV.

The Convert2EV manual was written in such a simple manner so that even a person who has no knowledge of electric vehicles can also understand the concept. To help people to understand the process of conversion to electric vehicles, Les and Jane Oke have included ample illustrations and diagrams in the book.

The book starts with a list of cars that are suitable for conversion to electric cars. All cars are not equally suitable for conversion. The guide goes on to explain how the right kind of electric motor for the car can be selected.

The item that costs most while converting a car into an electric car is the deep cycle battery. To save money, the book suggests using recycled batteries so that the cost of conversion project can be minimized.

The ebook also contains the contact number and address of Les Oke so that you can contact him in case you face any difficulty while your car is being converted into an EV. Your queries will be answered by Les personally within a day but it can be a bit late during weekends.

The EV conversion process is not at all difficult as long as the car owner has the will and interest in the conversion. The basic things you need to buy from a store for the conversion purpose are a battery and a DC electric motor. Some more minor accessories are also required.

The following are the characteristics of Convert2EV, the manual on conversion of automobile into electric cars. It is written in a very simple manner for anybody to understand easily.

  • Lists the places where electric motors can be bought at competitive prices.
  • Provides a list of cars that are suitable for conversion.
  • Directs people to places where old deep cycle batteries can be bought at cheap rates.
  • Lists the tools necessary to carry out the EV conversion.
  • Explains how a used battery can be recycled.
  • Contains contact number and e-mail address to ask any questions.

Though the conversion process is simple and the job can be done by yourself, it is better to have a helper since there is some physical labor involved in the conversion. A converted car performs in the same way as a traditional car. The car owner will be satisfied with every aspect of the converted car’s performance.

The biggest advantage of converting the car into an electric car, in addition to protecting the environment, is the saving of money which otherwise would have been spent on gas. The car owner doesn’t have to queue up at the gas station for a gas refill.

An added characteristic of Les and Jane’s e-book is that it can be returned if the buyer is not satisfied with it, entitling him for a full refund of the cost of the book. To get a copy of the Convert2EV manual, click on the link below.

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