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Do It Yourself Electric Car Motor Conversion Made Easy

Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car motor conversion is one of the best solution for most vehicle owners due to the rising of global crude oil prices that will increase the prices of fuel locally.

For a normal household that has multiple cars, the cost of refueling the vehicles can be quite substantial.

Unfortunately, sending a gas driven car to a professional mechanic to be retrofitted can be expensive. An average [tag-tec]electric car conversion[/tag-tec] project at the workshop can cost from $5000 and above depending on your requirement. The most cost effective and practical alternative is to buy an electric car conversion kit and install it on your own.

The process of [tag-tec]electric vehicle conversion[/tag-tec] is not as difficult at you might think. What you will need is ample working space which is preferably covered to shield yourself from the hot or cold weather.

You will also need a good step by step electric electric conversion guide to walk you through. Once you have that ready, you can start your EV conversion project based on your own time and schedule without paying a mechanic any service charge.

The work of an EV conversion project involves the removal of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and replaces it with a [tag-tec]DC electric motor[/tag-tec]. Since the engine is gone, all its connecting components such as radiator, gas tank, fuel distribution line, exhaust tank, fuel pump etc are redundant and to be removed as well.

After you have stripped off all the unwanted parts, you would have enough space to install some battery racks to hold a series of deep cycle acid flooded batteries. These batteries will be used to power the electric motor to generate torque to propel the electric car forward.

To control the speed of your newly converted electric vehicle, you have to install a variable resistor between the main electric motor and the batteries to give variance to the speed.

To control the amount of electric current flowing into the electric motor, all you have to do is press or lift your foot in the accelerator paddle.

Before you proceed with the electric car conversion, it is wise to think of the possible solution to reduce your current fuel expense every day. Simple practices such as keeping your tyres at a proper pressure will easily extend your gas mileage by 5 – 10 %.

Even by keeping your car clean will reduce the air drag on your car therefore reducing fuel consumption. However, if all this is insufficient, consider the electric car motor conversion to be the ultimate alternative.

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