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EV Conversion Test Project – Build Electric Go Cart

An electric car conversion technology is relatively easy. An electric motor run by power stored in the battery bank propels the electric vehicle (EV) forward. The addition of gears will enhance the efficiency of the motor.

The battery needs recharging from time to time by including a solar power panel though it takes a lot of time […]

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10 Easy Steps To Repair Rust Holes On Your Homemade Electric Car

Rust usually begins through the chips and cracks you receive from the pebbles and stones that hit your car through daily driving. With a small nick exposing bare metal in an unnoticeable location, rust will begin to form.

Once rust begins to happen, it cannot be stopped, only repaired. Whether you spend many of thousands of […]

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DIY Electric Car Conversion – Is It Cheaper To Run?

Many people would like to know if electric cars are truly more inexpensive to run than standard gas powered cars. At a quick glance, the obviously glaring answer would be a huge YES!

The ability to drive much further on a dollar’s worth of electricity versus a dollar’s worth of gas is what we are looking […]

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