Electric Car Conversion Videos

Electric Car Conversion Videos

Found a series of Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion videos on Youtube. It seem like they are using an old Mitsubishi Starion. Check it out.

Electric Starion – Electric Car Conversion – Part 1

Electric Starion – Electric Car Conversion – Part 2

Electric Starion EV – Electric Car Conversion – Part 3

Electric Starion EV – Electric Car Conversion – Part 4

2 thoughts on “Electric Car Conversion Videos

  1. Alex J


    Can you please tell me – where did you find the lithium batteries? I understand they are very hard to find, and when found, they are extremely expensive.

    Thank you,

  2. Will Post author

    Hi AJ, thanks for visiting my blog.

    There are many types of lithium batteries. The ones that have been used on an electric car are lithium ion. It’s the same type of battery used on our laptop computers. Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive.

    For the time being, lithium ion batteries are only used on high end electric vehicle such as the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster battery pack has more than 6000 lithium ion batteries linked together. You can check out Tesla Roadster Video here.

    Most DIY electric car will used deep cycle batteries to power the electric motor. They are the same type used on golf carts.


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