DIY Electric Car – Smart Way To Save On Gas Bills

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DIY Electric Car – Smart Way To Save On Gas Bills

We all blame the oil companies and the oil exporting countries for the unlimited rise in the prices of gasoline. The present scenario of the economic downturn and the rising prices has almost affected everybody especially the low and medium income groups, even rich have also started feeling the pinch of rising prices.

People have started compromising with their life styles, some of the people have started trying to commute in unbearable conditions and the rich have also started flying in the classes which they used to avoid earlier. Though all this seems strange but there is a solution, but people have ignored it and have only opted for compromise with their life styles.

There is a way out; you can beat the rising oil prices by building your own electric car. You may think it to be a joke but it is actually possible and it is not at all difficult. Once you have built your own electric car, you do not have to compromise with your life style any more.

You will have to search an old car which runs on gas, some tools and an electric car guide book. People often say that it for the manufacturers to build an electric car, it not true; you can own one build yourself. It might be slightly difficult for those who have no or little mechanical knowledge about automobiles.

But there are electric car guides, which can be great help to you, you can build your own electric car that too step by step. If you are apprehensive of doing the dirty work, you can ask someone to help you; it can be a friend or a mechanic.

It is really unfortunate that big car manufacturers are more interested in gasoline cars as compared to the electric cars. Most of the countries in the world are dependent on oil producing countries to meet their gasoline demand, the United State is no exception, and everyone has to pay for crude oil.

We all have to find a way to be away from these greedy oil producing countries, which have been looting us for decades. The best option is to build own electric car, which in turn can save a lot of money which is spent on gasoline. You can comfortably visit the places along with your family using your own electric car.

You have to charge your car so that it can run for 150 to 200 miles trip without having to worry about recharging and breaking down. You do not need to have degree in mechanical or automotive engineering, the guide will show you everything and you can build your flawless electric car.

Electric car conversion is no more a secret, anybody who can read the guide can do it. Your building the electric car will not only prove to be money saver but you can also save the planet which is already doomed with the carbon emissions and noise pollution. This will be a great contribution by people like you to this planet as you will cut on both air pollution and noise pollution.

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