5 Components Of DIY Electric Car You Should Not Be Cheap On

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5 Components Of DIY Electric Car You Should Not Be Cheap On

If you are in search for the method to convert your gasoline car to electric car or would like to know about it, you need to understand the basic parts included in the task. Although it is easy to understand the operation of an electric car and the parts are easy to obtain, there can be problems when you do it in practical. This is what most of us would not like to happen.

There are not many parts which you would need to replace in order to convert your gasoline car into an efficient DIY electric car. The following are 5 parts and components you should never be cheap on.

1) Adapter plate.

The existing transmission of a gasoline car is of no use in an electric car. The adapter plate should be fixed as an aftermarket product.

2) Motor controller.

Electric motors need a motor controller to control the output power it delivers. In electric cars you cannot use transmissions. Most of the golf cars have electric motors.

3) Batteries.

In factory made electric cars the battery system is very complex where as aftermarket fitments use traditional batteries. Batteries are the most important part of an electric car is its battery.

You can choose either lithium-ion battery or gel based battery. Lithium-ion batteries have better performance because it do not contain liquid inside. The gel based batteries eliminate the chances of spilling.

However, a slight concern is that both these batteries are costly. An alternative aftermarket kit is the traditional liquid electrolyte based batteries. Liquid electrolyte batteries need more frequent replacement as it has shorter life compared to the other two batteries.

4) Emergency disconnector.

In cases of an emergency such as a short circuit it is required to immediately disconnect the electric supply between the car motor and the batteries. This is when you will need an emergency disconnector.

5) Electric motor.

Two types of motors are available for you to choose. You can select either an AC motor or a DC motor. AC motors can quickly increase speed after breaking. AC systems have also better power delivery and are easy to install. These have excellent torque too. This makes AC motors quite famous among many converters.

Most of the AC kits can be fitted at your nearest workshop. DC motors are of several advantages as compared to AC motors. They are easy to get and installation is lot easier because most EV converters are using a DC setup. This makes finding an expert in this profession easy. DC motors can mange instantaneous torque.

The lower cost of DC motors makes it more attractive. Choosing the motor which suits your needs should be kept in mind. If you require good power output and better performance you need to go with AC system. Beginners can go for DC motors as it is very easy to install.

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