Gas To Electric Car Conversion Goodies – What You’ll Enjoy Building EVs

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Gas To Electric Car Conversion Goodies – What You’ll Enjoy Building EVs

Gasoline-powered cars have been the standard vehicles so far, with present and past generations of people driving them and it is quite likely that the next generation may also like to depend on these cars.

Many people are of the view that gasoline-engine cars will still remain the most popular mode of transport. But the truth is that a few decades from now gasoline and for that matter, even petroleum will become very scarce.

In view of this, gasoline-powered cars are not going to last forever. In future more electricity will be generated from renewable sources, such as solar power and wind power and scientists and car manufacturers have established that cars fitted with electric- engines will be the vehicles of the future.

Electric motors have several advantages over conventional internal combustion engines powered by gasoline. In sharp contrast to the gasoline-powered engines, electric cars are 500% more fuel- efficient. In other words, electric cars are more powerful and can run longer distances for smaller amount of power consumption.

As electric engine is run by electricity generated from batteries, solar energy, wind energy or hydro power, it does not emit any harmful gases and therefore, does not pollute the atmosphere. Electric car is noiseless, easy to operate and very safe.

Looking into the immense benefits an electric car can offer, a thought arises that if someone can assemble a number of electrical equipment himself at home, he can as well assemble an electric car himself. If one is enterprising, starting a gas to electric car conversion project can save you thousands of dollars on purchasing a new electric vehicle from a manufacturer.

Before you undertake to construct an electric car as a do-it-yourself exercise, you should examine the option of converting the old car engine into an electrical engine. In majority of cases this can be achieved. You should ensure that you have the necessary know-how to do it on your own. For this, you should have a thorough knowledge of the functioning of a conventional vehicle.

If you have a good experience in repairing your own car, you may be able to initial a gas to electric car project in your home garage. In case, you get the job of car maintenance done by a professional auto repairer, it is advisable to get the electric car built by a professional also. There is no point going through all the headache of trying the complete the DIY EV conversion project yourself.

On the other hand, if you are confident of your skills can take the help of do-it-yourself guide and begin building the electric car, by all mean, go for it!

In order to ensure that your electric car is built properly, a detailed research is required to understand the mechanism of a homemade electric vehicle.

Electric cars have a simple design and therefore, may be simpler to make than a car powered with an internal combustion engine. It may be surprising to know the amount of work that can be done by going through a do-it-yourself kit. The guide will indicate the type of tools and equipment required for making an electrical car.

However, it should be ensured that someone is nearby to assist you in lifting heavy parts and also in handing over tools from time to time during assembly. Garage and a shed with adequate space would be an ideal location to begin the project of building an electric car.

If you need a good step by step instructional guide on EV conversion, check out the book written by Gavin Shoebridge from New Zealand. Shoebridge is known as the EV Guy in the realm of DIY electric car enthusiasts. Click on the link below to visit his web site.

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