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Things To Remember When Buying An eBook On Electric Car Conversion

Electric car conversion has become a fad and you will find many websites giving tip and advice on car conversion. All of them are not reliable and some may prove to be harmful than useful. So, to be on the safe side, look for these five things in the ebook which you are planning to buy as your guide and source of information while you convert your car into an electric car.

1) Ensure that the book is authentic.

You will find hundreds of books and guides on the internet on car conversion. All these manuals claim to be authentic and trustworthy. But what is happening in fact is cheating the public with fake and useless literature.

Some writers copy materials from other sources and publish it as Private Label Right which means anybody can buy the book. Clever people buy the book from the original writer and use his name as the real author of the book and sells it for making money. The book in fact may not contain any useful information regarding the conversion of a car.

If you want to get useful information from a book, make sure that the author of the book is an authority on the subject. He must have converted at least one gasoline car into an electric car. The best way to check whether the book is authentic is to look at the pictures in the book.

An authentic book will contain the pictures of the car before after the conversion. There will also be pictures of the components used in the conversion. Compare the pictures of component given in the book with those given in the EV engine bay.

If the pictures are same, you can make sure that the book is genuine and the author of the book is knowledgeable in the conversion process.

2) All round video presentation.

Videos are widely used on the internet to educate people about processes and other things. Visual aids are more effective in teaching than printed material. If videos are attached to the ebook on car conversion, you can conclude that the book is reliable and the author knows what he is writing about.

Books which are scam will not include videos because making videos is a costly and time consuming affair. False authors will not go for videos because it will reduce their profitability.

3) Comprehensive and detailed information.

A genuine ebook should contain full details about the homemade electric car project. There should be comprehensive and precise information about the parts required, their approximate cost, different models of the parts and the serial numbers of the parts.

If these things are there in the book, it is worth buying and the author of the book can be taken as a master of electric car conversion.

4) Evaluation by others EV enthusiasts.

Search on the internet what others say about the book and its author. If the book is good and the author is genuine, there will be lots of references to the book and the author.

If, on the other hand, there are no references about the book anywhere on the internet, assume that the book is a scam and the author is a con.

5) The way the matter is presented in the book.

Take a careful look at the book on the webpage. You can infer something from the way the information is presented in the book. Some books present the details in a very light manner whereas some others are very technical.

You need a book that is neither too technical nor too light on the subject. If the matter contained in the book is not too tough to understand and the descriptions are precise and comprehensive, you can consider buying that book and in all probability, its author will be a genuine authority on the subject of car conversion.

Electric Car Conversion Book – The Perfect Manual

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Gavin is also well known in the homemade electric car realm. This is because of all the videos he took when he was converting his Tredia to EV.

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