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Top 10 Electric Car Conversion Information Sites

Every time I want to do a blog post about DIY electric car, I will hit the web to look for information.

Sometime I will also go the book store and buy books related to EV conversion or on topics related on renewable energy. But by far, the most information I can gather is from the internet.

If you did a quick query on the search engine, you will come up with literally thousands of web pages that have write ups on electric car conversion. Which one should you read?

The following is my Top 10 electric car conversion information web sites that I will usually visit:

1) DIY Electric Car Forums

This is a great forum site where people discussion about electric car conversion projects. Reading the forum posts will give you a better understanding on what’s involved in doing your own EV conversion.

2) EV Weblog

This is a blog maintained by Jerry Halstead. Jerry is a software engineer that likes to work on electronics and mechanical devices. He did his first electric car conversion project in the fall of 1995.

3) Gav’s EV Conversion

Gavin Shoebridge is a New Zealander and an electric car enthusiast. He converted an old Mitsubishi Tredia into a pure plug-in EV. Gavin actually documented the whole conversion process on videos. Great stuff!

4) Electric Cars for Girls

I know…it’s a weird name for a web site. But it does have good information on the electric car industry.

5) Autoblog Green

This blog does not limit on electric cars only. You can get information related to alternative fuel sources for vehicles i.e. ethanol, bio diesel, vegetable oil etc.

6) KTA Services

KTA Services has been in business for more than 24 years. It is basically a company selling electric car related components and parts. Usually I will come to this site to get some technical information on electric vehicle.

7) NetGain Motors

This is the web site I will visit when I want to read up on electric car components especially on the electric motor. I came across one of the most popular electric motor for EV conversion on this web site, the Warp 9.

8) Electric Auto Association

An EV association web site that has everything to do with electric car. It has a great inventory of EV newsletter.

9) Tesla Motors Blog

One of my all time electric car model in the market is the Tesla Roadster from Testa Motors. This is the blog that I read to get the latest updates on Tesla’s EVs.

10) Better Place

One of the biggest challenges of driving an electric car is its limited mileage. So far, the only company that is working to solve that problem is known as Better Place.

There are a lot technology advancement from Better Place. To keep myself up to date, I have their web site on my bookmark.

Convert Your Own Electric Car

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