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Samuel Watson Premium Electric Car Guide Review

Is Premium Electric Car Guide A Scam?

This blog post is all about Samuel Watson’s Premium Electric Car Guide review. I found Sam Watson’s EV manual when I was surfing the web reading on information about DIY electric car. If you have not heard about this EV guide before, the main web site can be found at

Usually what I do when I am doing a review about an information product is to Google the author. When I did a search on Samuel Watson, I wasn’t surprised that I did not find much information. Usually, e-book publishers will use a proxy or fictional person to act as the product spoke person. It is a common practice so I wasn’t too concerned. I am more keen on the information in the e-book, not its marketing strategy.

My First Impressive Of The Web Site

When I first visited the main web site, it looks pretty average. The sales copy was quite average and all of the videos was pulled from YouTube. Nothing original though. Nonetheless, I took out my credit car and purchased the EV manual. One think is for sure, the electric car conversion manual is priced very low…only $37. So far so good.

Having The Right Expectation

One thing I noticed with most EV conversion guide is the budget they claimed you can convert a gasoline driven car into a pure electric vehicle. Most claimed you can get it done with less then $500. In reality, you will need much more than that.

A home made electric project can be done with minimum budget, but it will involve a lot or preliminary planning. You would have to source for all the parts at workshops, junkyards, eBay etc which will take too much of your time. Nonetheless, it can be done it you are committed.

It took me about 20 minutes to read through the whole manual. It was more of a skimped through because I already know most of the information about home made electric cars. I was looking for something unique.

Premium Electric Car Guide does cover the basic stuff like explaining what are the common components of an EV. It covers parts such as the electric motor, controller, charger, adapter plate, coupling, deep cycle batteries etc.

There is one section that I found quite unique in this guide compared to other EV e-books. It has a section dedicated to building an electric motor mount from scratch.

Samuel also explained in his manual why using deep cycle batteries for EV conversion instead of the less long-lived lead acid or much more expensive li-ion battery.

My Pet Peeve

As usual, nothing is perfect on the web. So it seems with Premium Electric Car Guide. Personally, I think the manual was not written in the best English. I suspect that Samuel is not a native English speaking person. There were a lot of grammatical spelling errors. This is only a minor thing and may not be an issue is you are willing to look passed it.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

I have to mention this part because some people may not know. Since Premium Electric Car Guide is offered under Clickbank, you are automatically covered under their 60 Days Money Back Guarantee policy. This means if you are not happy with your purchase, you can ask for your money back within 60 days from the purchase date.

Premium Electric Car Guide Review Conclusion

So what is my verdict. I will give Samuel Watson’s Premium Electric Car Guide 3 out of 5 stars. The information covered is very basic and light. It may be a good buy if you are purchasing your very first electric car e-book.

There is a plus point though. It is the cheapest among all the EV conversion manual that I came across. If you are looking for a better electric car conversion guide, you can check out Peter Millward Electricity 4 Gas.

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