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Escort 9500ix For Sale – Getting Escort Passport For Cheaper

Are you sick and tired of getting pulled over by the traffic cops because of speeding? Now, with the advancement in long range radar and laser protection technology, speed traps and cameras will be a thing of the past.

When Escort launched the new Passport 9500ix radar detector, its superb performance set the standard to measure all other laser protection devices in the market.

Why the Passport 9500ix is the best among all other devices? Reason being, the unit is jam packed with features. Here are some of the cool things you can do the unit.

1) Artificial intelligent protection – The unit actually learns and remembers all the frequencies and location of speed trap hot zones as you drive.

2) Comprehensive Defender database – The unit come preloaded with all the speed traps and camera locations in the country. As you approach a particular hot zone, it will alert you automatically.

3) Web enabled – This particular model can be connected to your computer to get up to the minute database updates. All you have to do is log into Escort web site and download their data file.

4) Ready for action – When you buy the Escort 9500ix, it is all preset and ready to go. However, you can change each setting to suit your driving style.

But the key question here is how can we get the unit on a discount? How can we know if there are any Escort 9500ix for sale on the web? If you planning to buy one and set it up on your car dashboard, it would make sense to get one when it is on sale.

To answer that question is quite simple actually, all you need is know how to get the lowest price from Amazon. If you are a regular online shopper, you’ll know Amazon runs special deals, sales and also discounts that you can take advantage of. Your challenge is to know where, when and how to find them.

Ready to arm your car with the latest gadget in speed trap radar detection? Click on the link below to get the Escort 9500ix radar detector device on sale and save.

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