Buying A New Hybrid Car – Should You Adopt The Wait & See Strategy?

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Buying A New Hybrid Car – Should You Adopt The Wait & See Strategy?

It seems the world is again going through a phase of recession; it seems that 2012 would also remain depressed and oil will remain one of the main causes. When oil prices reached its peak, it has greatly affected our economy. We need to develop some alternative to oil to save our economy and also environment.

Hybrid and electric cars have gained attention in the car industry and car manufacturers are working very hard to develop a technology so that these cars become popular and also affordable. So far the car manufacturers have only gained attention of affluent people of the society; this is due to high price of hybrid and electric cars.

The main drawback as per the customers about these cars is that most of the features are missing as compared to petrol powered cars. The car manufacturers really need to improve the horsepower and better mileage of these electric cars. People are ready to pay more for high performance, the ideal mileage should be around 50 mpg and with a top speed performance of 150 km/h.

All these features will automatically attract high prices but with the advancement in technology it is expected that the prices will become more affordable. It is expected that in next few years these cars will become more economical and the performance of Lithium-ion battery in electric or hybrid car.

This could be possible that whenever the battery is low the petrol engine kicks by powering the car’s two engine which can be placed in the rear part of the car. Such a facility will speed up the car to 200 km/h that would be almost double the speed. The other feature which can be installed in the future in the high end luxury hybrid cars is regenerative braking.

The electric motor has the capability to provide full torque at the first touch of the accelerator pedal. This has effect on the other pedal, the modulating effects of regenerative braking. This means that accelerator is not pressed to generate the electricity; it feeds the energy not being used back into the battery.

When going downhill the regenerative braking has similar effect as is engine braking. With so much of innovation coming, the prices will be too high, it is better to adopt wait and watch approach, till the things are perfect and prices come down.

There is lot of scope in the improvement in electric and hybrid technology, it better option to lease one rather than buying it. Car loans can really boost your chances to own one of such cars, the leasing would definitely save your money and it is a good choice too.

Though it may take some time may a decade or so, it would be interesting to know what type of features are added to hybrid and electric cars for a smooth ride. Such cars will definitely save your precious money as you will save a lot on gasoline and oil and contribute to the economy and also to the environment.

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