What You Ought To Know About Electric Bikes

Some people may find it difficult to distinguish the features of an ordinary bike and an electric bike. There are people who pedal electric bike to reach a place as the motor bike can carry them along effortlessly. Many still doubt why some of them look like bikes while some have the appearance of scooters. [...]

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Why The VW Beetle Will Always Be In Our Heart

VW Beetle Volkswagen (VW) is a well-known German automobile manufacturer and Volkswagen means ‘people’s car’ in German. The Volkswagen Beetle (informally known as ‘Volkswagen Bug’) is an economy car manufactured by the company. With over 21 million cars manufactured in an air-cooled, rear-engine and rear-wheel drive design, the Beetle is the longest running and maximum [...]

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Prius Battery Replacement – Large Maintenance Cost

Toyota Prius, an innovative hybrid car, caught the attention of a number of people when it was first launched, especially those who want to be acknowledged as someone who promotes ‘green’ technology. As in the case of any new object, unforeseen hassles are bound to arise sooner or later and Toyota Prius batteries are no [...]

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