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Tesla Electric Car – Pure Electric Vehicle Worth Your Investment

There are many options for an environment friendly vehicles, the better option could be purchasing an electric car. The benefit of purchasing an electric car is that you not only have an environment friendly vehicle but also save thousands of dollars, which you would have otherwise spent in purchasing gasoline and other expenses.

If we look towards the manufacturer of electric cars, Tesla electric car is one of the options. Tesla Motors Company was introduced in 2003; more models have been introduced in the last few years.

But if we trace the history of pure electric vehicle, we will have to go back to 1930’s; when there were rumors that electric car has been introduced in New York by a person Nikola Tesla and his uncle. But since there was no proof, it was simply thought to be a rumor.

The most famous model Tesla Roadster can today be seen running on roads in many countries across the world. This car is really stylish sports car and runs on battery power. Considering purchasing an environment friendly vehicle, Tesla Electric Car is a great option, this will not only save you lot of money but will also contribute to environment.

Today, Tesla Car Company has emerged as the top car manufacturer of high end electric cars; the company offers most stylish cars which are great alternatives to the conventional petrol engine cars. Tesla has great models to offer, the company has premium electric cars which are quite stylish, the other models are family saloons and even sports models.

In earlier days, electric vehicles were used only in factories as the mode of transport such as mini pickup trucks or as a disability vehicle. Tesla has brought a revolution in the electric car industry and changed the entire scene with the introduction of fashionable and cars which have been quite appreciated by the car users.

The cars are quite stylish and meet most of your requirements. Tesla Roadster is one such example which not only is stylish but is attractive too. You will have to look into your budget and will have to save money every year to swap your conventional petrol engine with a Tesla pure electric vehicle.

Even replacement of battery after every three years of your Tesla electric car, you still save a lot of money. The total saving is almost half as compared to the conventional petrol engine.

Since the price of gasoline has been on rise for the past few years, and driving the traditional petrol engine car is going to be a costly affair, the best alternative is purchasing the Tesla EV.

If you start browsing on the web, you will find many models of Tesla cars which are quite stylish; the benefit is that you save lot of money in the long run. Another plus point is that you still get the enjoyment of driving an electric car which is hassle free and you feel proud in making some contribution to the environment.

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